World Bank 2016 Annual General Meetings

A civil society hub for events surrounding the 2016 Annual General Meetings of the World Bank and IMF

World Bank’s New More Flexible Environmental and Social Framework Must Prioritize Genuine Citizen Engagement

For the new, more flexible approach to be successful, the views of communities and civil society must be prioritized. It is participation by communities and civil society that ensures adaptive learning is “citizen centric,” leading to change that benefits the poor and marginalized. Click here to read more.

Wall Street Journal: “World Bank Forms Task Force to Tackle Rape, Other Abuses at Its Projects”

World Bank Cannot Consult Us and Forget Us: Disability Must be Explicitly Addressed in New World Bank Safeguards

Weak Disclosure Requirements Risk Undermining New World Bank Safeguards

New World Bank Policies Could Allow Borrowers to Substitute Weaker Systems For Safeguards

PRESS RELEASE: World Bank’s Updated Safeguards a Missed Opportunity to Raise the Bar for Development Policy

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